Face fucked by my wife.

My wife was often worried of my breathing when she fucked my face. I have told her not to worry about it, I found a way to breathe or to hold it. The main goal is her pleasure and my reward, her delicate and tasty juices πŸ›


2 thoughts on “Face fucked by my wife.

  1. Oh yes, I like to be in this position a lot, it is very submissive. But the ultimate favorite (for a number of reasons) submissive service position for me is with my Wife sitting on my face facing my feet! The fragrance and taste of a sexy Woman’s pussy – I never get tired of them, they are the single most arousing sexual simulus for me.


  2. Thank you for Posting.
    I lay on my back and have my husband bury his face in me. Of course his tongue finds both holes easily and my love knob. To sit on his face seems dominant but it is hard to do for any length of time. This is why he does all the work now.

    If I really want him to concentrate on my back side I roll over on my stomach side and open my legs so I am comfortable he opens my butt cheeks and his tongue can work very deeply in and out as I lay there enjoying his service.
    This is what works for me.

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